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Dear visitor, Russianphotographs.net is one of the largest sites, dedicated to the contemporary Russian photographic art. There are
more than 5000 original photographs of the Russian professional photographers in our gallery: Russian landscape, still life, nude,
abstract, portrait, macro, etc. You can find old photographs of the Soviet era as well as contemporary digital and film Russian
photographs in the Russian Photographs gallery. Russian Photographs gallery is the part of the Russian Paintings gallery. Welcome!
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What'sNew 24 Aug 2009
Personal page of Blazhenkov Stanislaus added >>>
14 Aug 2009
New section was added: Yuri Gagarin >>>
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Russian photographs for sale
Grinberg Alexander - 'Nu'
Author: Grinberg Alexander
Title: 'Nu'
Media: Scanned film negative
Size: 40.0x30.0 cm / 4724x3543 pix
Year of creation: 1915-1930
Status: For sale
Price:Ask the price
Blazhenkov Stanislaus - 'Nu 09'
Author: Blazhenkov Stanislaus
Title: 'Nu 09'
Media: Digital image
Size: 3543x4724 pix / 30.0x40.0 cm
Year of creation: 2008
Status: Not for sale
Egorov Anatoliy - 'World War 2. Berlin'
Author: Egorov Anatoliy
Title: 'World War 2. Berlin'
Media: Scanned film negative
Size: 40.0x30.0 cm / 4724x3543 pix
Year of creation: 1945
Status: For sale
Price:Ask the price
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The best sold photograph
Aguzarov Boris - 'Elephant' Author: Aguzarov Boris
Title: 'Elephant'
Size: 2953x2447 pix / 25.0x20.7 cm
Year of creation: 2006
Status: Sold
Date of sale: 08 Mar 2006
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